Introducing: Good Stuff Cacao CARE PACKAGE

Introducing: Good Stuff Cacao CARE PACKAGE

Or maybe we should call it the Covid Care Cacao Package or maybe the I Care About You Care Package, or maybe the Take Care Package, or maybe the Thinking of You Package

or …well…you decide 

Mostly it’s for those who want another tool to fight Covid-19 especially those:

  • in quarantine
  • who have tested positive
  • who have symptoms
  • who are continually exposed to the (or any) virus (Nurses, Doctors, Emergency and Care staff)
  • who are susceptible to covid-19 (elderly or immune-compromised)

What’s in it? One Big Bag of our Original Cacao recipe, 30 high quality Green Tea bags, 8oz of Good Stuff Raw Cacao Powder, one pound jar of Raw Honey. Our Care Package is designed to get anyone through 2 weeks enjoying lots of green tea and cacao while fighting Covid-19.

But really Cacao, Green Tea and Raw honey are good for so many who are …

  • Recovering from any disease- from a cold to cancer- because of the high antioxidant values
  • Suffering from stress, depression and anxiety- thanks to the Magnesium, Tryptophan, Phenethylamine(PEA) in cacao and the polyphenols and the amino-acid L-theanine in green tea

For details on the studies done on Cacao and Green Tea fighting Covid-19, Google the S.C. State
University research published in Dec of 2020, more and more information is coming out about
that study.

  • Cacao keeps Covid-19 virus from reproducing in our cells by half!
  • Green tea has five compounds that keep the virus from attaching to our cells.
  • Honey boosts our immune system– use in place of sugar (a known inflammatory)

But also….

  • Get plenty of Vitamin D—Sunshine
  • Remove all inflammatory foods from your diet like sugar, gluten (White processed flour products), and fast food
  • Eat lots of green veggies

These are not cures—they ARE tools for health!

Cacao has Phenylethylamine(PEA) which releases endorphins- the pleasure chemical—note-PEA is only found in cacao and algae. Hhhmmm- I’ll take cacao, thank you.

Green Tea contains L-Theanine- an amino acid which produces a calming effect by increasing GABA, serotonin and dopamine—in other words Green Tea can help regulate emotions and mood. It also helps with concentration, alertness, energy, appetite, and sleep while reducing the chemicals in the brain that are linked to stress and anxiety. It may not replace needed therapy or medication- but it is certainly SAFE.

Show them you care –send them a Care Package from Good Stuff Cacao today (order here-we will send it for you, just be sure to change the shipping address) 

There are so many reason to send our Care Package; Students prepping for finals, a “Welcome to the neighborhood” package, Birthdays, Mother’s or Father’s Day gifts, “I Miss You” package, or “I know you love chocolate” package. 

I am so happy to have discovered that Good Stuff Cacao can help fight Covid-19 naturally. When starting this company almost 8 years ago, I knew a big part of our service needed to be education. You see, when I learned most chocolate companies add caffeine to their chocolates, I felt duped and I knew others felt that way, too. Then, when I learned how much nutrition is lost in processing only for “greed and gain”, I was livid. As a silly young person I remember, while eating a chocolate bar, I sent a cocky prayer to God- why don’t you put healthy things, like vitamins, in chocolate? Who knew… He did! 300 nutrients that our body can use, this is why I feel I need to share this information. “Don’t be duped” can be applied to so many foods that have been altered for “greed and gain”, but also for our own demands of convenience…but then that discussion is for another time.

Take Care,

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