Take Time to Care for Yourself.

Take Time to Care for Yourself.

I want to encourage you to take time to care for yourself.

‘Listen to the science’ has been a popular term in the last several years. But science has not always been right.  Mostly because “science” can be big money makers and that can push for “bad science”.  We recently found this out with the whole “fats” debacle that misled people INTO disease, needlessly, for decades. 

I am not someone who runs to the doctor for every little thing, although that wasn’t always the case.  I did run to the doctor for myself and my family and was let down time and again, which led me on a journey to do my own research, take responsibility for my own health and eventually led me to start Good Stuff Cacao. Don’t get me wrong- if my arm is cut off in an accident, I will pick it up and go to the emergency room.

Take time to do your own research, know your body, your history, and your habits. Then take the time to make changes accordingly.  No one food, herb, oil, or for that matter, medicine or vaccine is the cure-all for all.

Everyone has to eat food and food is powerful, it can give life or take it away. Take time to know what foods are good, and bad, for you and your family.  Take time to plan and prepare life-giving foods.  It’s not easy.  We have been spoiled –to death- literally- with what is easy.  But getting sick is not easy.  Watching someone die is not easy.  Yes, we will all die, eventually.  But what will our quality of life be until then?  It is truly a mindset; I am speaking to myself here, too.  We all need encouragement from each other; to share knowledge, insights, and experience.  We need to un-educate ourselves, be re-educated and we need to teach the next generation better. And that takes time.

Thank goodness there have been scientists out there doing research on food that can help us fight disease and especially Covid-19.  Food that is easily available at the grocery store or better yet your own backyard and even online. I am not talking about “drive-thru” and pre-packaged food.  Studies in 2014 and 2020 have concluded that those who eat nutrient-dense foods can battle flu and disease better.  Scientists say, “… poor nutrient status is associated with inflammation and oxidative stress, which in turn, can impact the immune system.”  That means you need lots of veggies, good fats, and protein. These same studies have found that there are specific foods that fight flu and disease better than others.

Who knew chocolate could be so good for you?? I didn’t…until I started doing research. I was angry at first to discover typical chocolate- that tastes so good- had been made bad by greedy humans wanting to make a buck. They processed with high heat to get it to market quickly, they added cheaper fillers and lots of addictive, inflammation-causing white sugar.  When I discovered how incredible raw cacao is, I had to share it and that led to starting Good Stuff Cacao.  But discovering the  value of cacao seems to be unending and it’s rewarding to be able to share ongoing research like this

……Kamei et al., 2014 investigated the effect of T. cacao against the influenza virus and found that it enhances the antibody response due to the stimulatory effect [187]. Furthermore, it has also been observed that T. cacao helps in developing acquired immunity and activates the NK cells against the influenza virus [187]. . Further investigation may lead to the use of Theobromine Cacao against SARS-CoV-2 and can help in boosting immunity.

In one clinical trial, an experimental group consumed cocoa for 3 weeks before and after vaccination for H1N1 influenza virus. Neutralizing antibody titers against the virus were compared with those of a control group that did not consume cocoa. Although the antibodies were significantly higher in both groups, the extent of the increase was not significantly different between the groups. However, natural killer cell activity was substantially increased in the cocoa-intake group. …The researchers concluded, “Drinking cocoa activates natural immunity and enhances vaccination-induced immune response, providing stronger protection against influenza virus infection and disease onset,”

I know this is lengthy, but I hope you keep reading…

One admirable quality of the potential use of cocoa in the physician’s armamentarium against COVID-19 and other viruses is its favorable safety profile. While other experimental treatments like remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine carry the risk of adverse events, cocoa and chocolate consumption are relatively safe (and tasty) in most people. 

As far as how much to consume—well, that answer is not as clear-cut. Studies have investigated the efficacy of cocoa-enriched diets ranging from 10% cocoa extract intake weekly to daily consumption of high-cocoa beverages (about 500 mg) to twice-daily doses of 10-g cocoa powder—all resulting in positive outcomes.

Without a definitive recommendation, it’s probably a good idea to limit your cocoa consumption, given that most cocoa-containing products—like chocolate and hot cocoa mixes—are high in sugar and fat. 

Good news!! Good Stuff Cacao is not high in sugar and (bad) fat.  We use raw honey and NO fillers. Don’t believe me on sugar versus honey –do your own research on raw honey, especially Dr. Fessenden’s books on honey. (I like The Honey Revolution)  He breaks down the science as to why honey and sugar are NOT the same. There is a lot out there that will say honey has glucose and fructose just like sugar–dig deeper. Sugar’s proportions are higher, sugar is processed, and sugar is missing the trace minerals—which are very important. Just those few details make honey respond in our bodies the opposite of sugar.

Don’t get sucked into the lie of “comfort” foods during this stressful time. They are killing you!!  Increase your chance of fighting all disease and symptoms of aging by eating right. The saying, “Pay your farmer now or pay your doctor later,” is oh so very true. Now with Covid-19’s new strands and short-term immunity you really can’t afford to let your guard down with comfort food- you must keep your immune system strong.

  • Take the time to eat right
  • Take the time to do the necessary research
  • Take the time to take care of yourself

As I was doing this research back in January, my daughter-in-law came down with Covid 19 and was going downhill fast thinking over-the-counter medication would help.  She called me up and asked what she should do- I gave her a list of what she might have in the house and then sent her a care package.  It included green tea and cacao. She hates green tea –that’s why I added a jar of honey.

That gave me an idea. Taking care of yourself takes time, effort and energy. We would like to help.  If you’re like me, you probably have many loved ones that may need help in this area, too. Good Stuff Cacao will be soon offering our raw cacao, green tea and honey in a discounted “Care Package” for you or a loved one that may be exposed, quarantined or coming down with symptoms of Covid-19.  We will let you know as soon as we can, when you can order a “Care Package” for yourself, or a loved one.
Take time to take care,

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