You can Fight Covid-19, NATURALLY

You can Fight Covid-19, NATURALLY

S.C. State University research has shown that CACAO and GREEN TEA can be “frontline” tools to fight off the Covid-19 virus. You can read the whole report for details- here it is in a nutshell……

  • CACAO and GREEN TEA have certain chemical compounds that inhibit the virus from reproducing.
  • CACAO cuts the Covid-19 virus reproduction by HALF!!
  • Both bind to the virus’ specific enzyme, protease, overwhelming the virus and hamper its function.
  • Both have compounds that fill in virus-cell “pockets” which inhibits the virus. GREEN TEA has 5 chemical compounds that bind to different sites in the cell “pocket.”

Some research articles interchange dark chocolate and CACAO, but they are not the same. Chocolate is high heat processed, killing off nutrients and then sweetened with sugar –a known

Good Stuff Cacao Original variety has only two ingredients- raw cacao and raw honey. The other four varieties start with the Original recipe and then we add big flakes of coconut, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, goji berries or essential oil peppermint. ALL of our ingredients are whole raw foods- chosen for their nutritional value. NONE of our ingredients are fillers or emulsifiers.

Good Stuff Cacao is a great source of zinc and one of the highest in Magnesium. 300 nutrients found in Cacao make it a great anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory SUPER FOOD! Raw Honey is our other main ingredient. It is commonly known for being anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory. It will also improve your mood during this stressful Covid-19 fight with four proven “bliss” chemicals that occur naturally in cacao.

Good Stuff Cacao has always been a healthy alternative to the inexpensive, inflammatory-causing snacks so readily available at every check-out in America. But when I found this study that was just published in December 2020, I was thrilled to know Good Stuff Cacao could be part of the Covid-19 solution.

Sounds to me like some Good Stuff Cacao and a hot cup of green tea are a perfect combo to help fight off Covid-19.

Take care of yourself,

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